We are pleased to offer the concept of biogas plants which are plants which produce biogas from organic wastes. These plants are ideal for far flung camp sites and commercial establishments wherein the waste disposal is taken care of and the waste is converted to renewable energy.


The sailent features of this technology are.

  • Totally compact and minimum site work to install the plant
  • No civil work required
  • Heat content of the Refined BIOGAS is equivalent to that of LPG
  • Refined biogas line can be connected to the existing LPG line
  • Any bio-degradable material can be used as the feed stock.
  • The carbon dioxide produced is reused in the process itself
  • Carbon foot print neutral, hence eligible for maximum carbon credit.
  • Hydrogen sulfide content in the gas is extremely low
  • Modular system can be added at any time to increase the capacity.

Recommended Feed: Kitchen food waste

Available inlet waste capacities (in kgs/per day): 100, 200, 300, 400, 500, 1000 & 1500

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